Information driven Customer Engagement

Providing merchants with tools that help them know and engage with their customers better in a digitally advanced world.

Ground CTRL

Ground CTRL is our proprietary dashboard to view all of your sales and customer data in real time. It allows merchants to have a single customer view, create dynamic and automated marketing campaigns and reports on every product within our suite. Hosted in the cloud, this platform is web enabled and can be viewed on both tablet and desktop for an “always on" experience.

MyReceipts Mobile App

Built to be the central point where the customer receives all of their receipts, the mobile app lives in your customers pocket.

A rich application offers the customer a full suite of functionality that allows for profound brand interaction – embed YouTube videos from your business channel, link directly to your eCommerce store or simply embed your loyalty to keep your customer updated. Realise the potential of this highly engaged channel.

Already have your own mobile application? We integrate into third party apps too.

Smart POS Integration
Integrated directly into Point of Sale, a smart middleware layer sits between your outlet and our servers. Store and Forward queues are implemented as a standard to cater for all connectivity or communication failures
Cloud and Web Based
A proprietary platform for merchants to engage with all of their sales and customer information; on the go via tablet or via desktop view. All information stored in the cloud for a safe and convenient connection.
Single Customer View
All of your customer data across all channels in a single consolidated view; in real time! No need to wait for multiple sources of data.
Cross platform
Built to cater for all customers, MyReceipts is available on all major app stores as well as through the web via tablet or desktop.
Enhanced Digital Receipting
Building Customer Cases via Ground CTRL allows the system to provide smart advertising delivers relevant marketing material to an individual. With specific needs, each customer has an personalised brand interaction that is unique and relevant to them.
Third Party Modules Enabled
Catering for most current customer engagement modules such as loyalty, rewards, surveys and feedback and returns, our mobile app can integrate for all functionality that is required. Our functionality can also be integrated into existing mobile apps too.

How It Works?

Integrated directly into Point of Sale, our smart middleware layer caters for secure and fast transmission of information. With Store and Forward capabilities catering for any connectivity and connection downtime, the result is an immediate and frictionless customer interaction.

Templates allow customised receipt designs for individual outlets, regions or a default template for the entire organisation. Even these are time based so custom templates for holidays or special events can be created ahead of time.

You have the eyes, and hearts of your customers. Now use the information you have gathered to inform further customer engagement. As a highly engaged channel, the digital receipt is a perfect location to display brand building content.

Our Partners

We have chosen to do business with some amazing companies. Not only do we pride ourselves in our offering, but we also know that to go far, we have to go together. We have partnered with some of Africa's most inspiring businesses in our sector.


Continental Partner
Implementation Parter
Development Partner
Development Partner

App Launching Soon

MyReceipts mobile application available Q1 2019.
Receive your digital receipts immediately from all integrated parters or scan in receipts from partners that are yet to integrate.

Pricing Tiers

Pricing is costed on a 'per outlet, per month' basis. The prices indicated below are indicative broad band pricing. For accurate pricing for your organisation, please enquire below. Pricing excludes implementation fees.

eReceipts Basic

$6 - $15
  • Single Receipt Template
  • Multiple Channel Delivery
  • Emailed Reporting
  • Paperless Sale Transaction
  • Receipts Stored for 5 Years
  • Enhanced User Experience


$33 - $109
  • Customised Receipt Templates
  • Multiple Format Rendering
  • Ground CTRL (Web Dashboard)
  • Single Customer View
  • Indefinite Receipt Storage
  • Multi Channel Delivery

Mobile App

  • Stand Alone Receipting Application
  • Enhanced Receipt Modules Standard
  • Automated Customer Cases
  • Smart Advertising
  • Integrated Purchasing
  • Financial Insights and Reporting

Merlin Engine

  • Data Intelligence
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Price Determination
  • Automatic Campaign Management
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Shopping Trends

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